Loan and Credit factoring

There are many companies offering factoring services on the market. Among the popular advertising slogans that can be seen on the websites of online factoring companies, the most common slogan is “cash for invoices”. We can come across a very interesting proposal in the field of factoring by familiarizing yourself with the offer of Loan and Credit.

Modern company financing through Loan and Credit factoring

Modern company financing through Loan and Credit factoring

Loan and Credit factoring company has an established position in the financial industry, in which it has been successfully operating for over a dozen years. Its activities are primarily focused on the subject of factoring, and the service offer is dedicated to both small, medium and large enterprises.

The value of the debt portfolio serviced by Loan and Credit has already exceeded 366 million. PLN, in cooperation with over 5000 customers. Loan and Credit operates on a large scale, and builds a strong position and brand, among others. through a dense network of branches throughout the country, in which specialists working in professional financial consulting work on a daily basis.

A friendly and transparent online factoring process in Loan and Credit GO

After entering the company’s website, an active communication window appears, through which you can get all the information about how factoring works in Loan and Credit – as part of a conversation with a consultant in live mode. It is very helpful and friendly solution. Loan and Credit provides services only in the form of explicit factoring.

The company assumes that the whole process should be transparent for each of the parties, and at the same time minimize mutual risk and costs associated with it. Silent factoring is slowly falling into oblivion, because it generates unnecessary risk, which is usually accompanied by high costs of the service, which are compensation in this respect.

Loan and Credit’s offer is addressed to all types of entities and various industries in which they operate, however, the priority is factoring for small businesses. It is worth noting that the company’s specialty is online factoring , in which the whole process takes place via the Internet, i.e. quickly and efficiently.

Loan and Credit – a wide and attractive factoring offer for everyone

Loan and Credit - a wide and attractive factoring offer for everyone

As part of its offer, Loan and Credit also provides microfactoring . This is a convenient option for enterprises whose turnover does not exceed 3 million. Golden. The complete procedure resulting in a transfer to the account of the factorer (invoice issuer) takes up to 2 hours.

When it comes to limits, the lowest value of invoices that Loan and Credit can finance is 30,000. PLN, while the maximum limit is up to 1 million. Golden. By individual negotiation and verification, it is possible to increase the upper amount up to which invoices will be financed.

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